Worm Castings 5kg




Worm Castings- Natures finest soil conditioner

Vermicompost, worm castings or in laymen’s terms, ‘worm poo’ is nature’s finest organic soil conditioner and contains millions of beneficial bacteria and other organisms which are essential to soil and plant health and vitality. Worms digest organic food material and reduce nutrients to their most available form and return it to the earth as rich humus soil. As an added bonus, bacteria from the worm’s digestive tract inoculates the castings, making it a powerful biological mix of beneficial microbes and a unique combination of enzymes and good bacteria, resulting in much healthier, productive plants. Worm poo is immediately available and slowly released, keeping your plants healthier for longer.

This 5kg bag of worm castings is great for:

Top dressing indoor and outdoor plants, including edibles.
Brewing to make worm cast tea (liquid fertiliser)
Boosting seed raising mix or any existing soil.