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Nature’s fertilizer

Worm castings contain millions of beneficial bacteria and other organisms which are essential to soil and plant health. The mix of beneficial life that is present in worm castings improves the balance of your home and garden.

Worm castings are also rich in minerals that are vital for plant growth. This can include phosphorus, nitrates, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Many of the minerals and nutrients that are densely packed into the starting materials become released during vermicomposting.

This makes it an amazing addition to the microbiology of your soil. Many actually find that stray seeds and fruit pits take hold and grow very easily in a properly balanced worm bin.

Worm castings may also contain copper, manganese, zinc, nitrogen, carbon, iron, and boron. These are minerals that are available to plants right away and are slowly released, and they keep your plants healthier for longer!