2200 Live compost worms + Book + extras




WORMS + BOOK with FREE express shipping


Get your Live Worm starter kit from Wormbiz with this combination package. The Premium Value Pack includes:

  • A massive 2200 live compost worms packed in quality bedding containing worm cocoons (eggs).
  • 1 bag of worm superfood to help the little guys settle in
  • 1 hessian worm blanket

*Worm farm not included

(All worm packages are express shipped via Australia Post on Monday’s)



Ix copy of Homegrown Healthy Living

Start living your homestead dream today- no matter where you call home!

 Enjoy over 300 pages of tips, practical guides, recipes, and stories from my heart to yours.  Including how we became commercial worm farmers, modern-day homesteaders, and advocates for healthy regenerative living.

All the practical skills, recipes, and projects you need to get you going! Plus, a full worm guide to help you start and maintain your worm farm.

Homegrown Healthy Living book cover

Do you want to​

  • Learn practical tips and tricks for living your best homestead lifestyle anywhere with our simple step-by-step guides.
  • Make healthy soil in your very own backyard?
  • Work towards self-sufficiency, ditch the supermarket, and nourish your family with healthy food from your garden?
  • Live more mindfully and in tune with your values?
  • Form new healthy habits?
  •  Live by the principles of permaculture and increase your household resilience?
  •  Improve your gut health and boost your immunity?

In 7 wholesome chapters, you will discover:

  • 🌱Real stories of almost ten years of modern homestead living and my journey to good health after being diagnosed with a chronic auto-immune disease.
  • 🌱 Step-by-step guides to get you started growing your own food and creating healthy soil by worm farming and composting
  • 🌱 An Introduction to permaculture living and how you can apply it to everyday life for household resilience
  • 🌱 Over 40+ nourishing recipes for the whole family
  • 🌱How to preserve food through fermentation and improve your gut health
  • 🌱Simple recipes to make your own natural home and body products from items you will likely already have!
  • 🌱 Mindfulness and self-care ideas to improve your health and well-being by filling your cup so you can give from the overflow.
  • And lots more practical skills, projects, and recipes so you can get started on your journey towards self-sufficiency – no matter where you call home.

All books are personally signed and gift-wrapped in brown paper with a jute twine bow.
If you would like to learn more, visit the Homegrown Health website.