PREMIUM VALUE PACK 1kg (approx 4,400) Live compost worms Free express shipping plus Extras

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WormBiz premium value pack is perfect for establishing any new farm.


A massive 1kg (approx 4,400) Live compost worms packed in quality bedding material containing worm cocoons (eggs).

1 Bag of worm superfood to help the little guys settle in.

1 Hessian worm blanket

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1kg of worms will give your new farm a great head start.
In an optimum environment it can normally take at least 3 months for 1000 worms to breed up to this density and process a typical family’s volume of organic waste.
Worms are packed in a compost and coco coir mixture that is rich in microbes and retains water well. This is the perfect environment for the worms to lay cocoons (eggs) which is the secret to establishing any new worm farm.
This package is suited to any worm farm, including tiered tray systems such as: Worm Cafe, can O worms, Worm factory, the Vermihut, Hungry bin, CFT systems, Pet poo composter and in ground worm farms including the Subpod.
Compost worm species include:
Tigers (Eisenia fetida) , Reds (Eisenia Andrei) and  Blues (Perionyx Excavatus)

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Shipping information

We have found that the best way to ship worms around the country, is to get them in the post on Monday, So Australia post have the whole week to get to you and worms don’t get left at the post office over the weekend!

Packages normally take 2-3 days but can occasionally take up to five if outside the urban areas.

Note: If extreme weather is expected we will send a quick email to notify you of an alternative shipment date.

Unfortunately WormBiz cannot ship live worm products to Western Australia, Tasmania or the Northern territory, due to complications with quarantine, heat stress and long distance. We would however like to offer you access to the information provided by our website.   Please see link provided to purchase worms from within Western Australia and in the Northern Territory, please search locally.