Sepp Holzer ‘inspired’ earthworks event.

Posted on December 26, 2017 by WormBiz

The Sepp Holzer ‘inspired’ project details have been finalised and his Protege Zach Weiss is heading to the Mid North Coast on the 27th&28th Jan, for a 2-day open consultation and earthworks project for a commercial vermiculture(worm farm).  This is going to be a fantastic opportunity to be apart of a focus group specialising in harnessing water and nutrients through the landscape.  We will also take a closer look into developing rural off grid small holdings and deriving an income from a small piece of land (10acres).  We are a commercial worm farm who is looking to expand our capabilities to become a reslient sustainable farm with multiple income streams.
This Experience is a lot of value for $320, as this is an ‘open consultation’ proving participants with some of the various pieces of planning and implementation.  This will include site analysis, water and soil management, and some of the details involved in an earthworks project.  We are making this extremely affordable due to the close proximity of the event.
The Sepp holzer inspired masterplan design is going to take place over 2 days (Sat&Sun) during the Australia day weekend.  We will be undertaking an earthworks project consisting of terraces and ponds wih a 23 tonne & 3 tonne Excavator.
we are wanting to share this experience with the fellow few who see the value in learning from our experience and the mistakes we have made over our 3 year journey of living off the land.   And the value of working with professional experience and making the right decisions from the beginning.