Introducing Anna’s Next Chapter!

Posted on July 7, 2021 by WormBiz

Home Grown Health is Anna’s Publishing debut.

Before we introduce the project, here is a bit of background.The WormBiz family live on a 10-acre mountainside in the Manning Valley, NSW Australia.

In 2014 they purchased an off-grid property with no infrastructure or services. Shortly after that, they took on a rundown commercial worm operation. Peter and Anna had no prior experience in vermiculture, (worm-farming) only the desire to work in harmony nature and what they thought they knew about living on the land.

After countless hours of researching, trialing and failing! Worms quickly became their passion. It has not always been easy, especially when starting out with little but our dreams, however having learnt the ability to readapt with feedback we gained from failing which it has always led to success in one way or another.

There was something humbling about going without. Camping under a tarp for months while working on a new enterprise until the home site was excavated and eventually constructed. Solar shower bags, dug-out toilets, lights run off old car batteries and ice-filled eskies. The family “re-wilded” together and developed a love for a back-to-basics life of voluntary simplicity.

In 2016 at age 26 Anna diagnosed with a chronic immune disease and from then the WormBiz family adopted a “food as medicine” approach to daily life and were grateful to the worms for producing fertile organic soil to grow nutrient-dense, clean food as a priority. The compost worm business has slowly but surely begun to flourish, and in return allowed Peter and Anna to transform a once seemingly unusable mountainside into a resilient landscape full of abundance. They are passionate about sharing back-to-basics lifestyle principles and stories of their homestead adventures with others.

Anna has her very own book launching soon titled “Home Grown Health” and what better time than in today’s ever-changing new world!

Be a part of the Home Grown Healthy Living Community

As the pages of the book continue to come to life, I am excited to invite you to join a new online group celebrating living well!

Home Grown Healthy Living. “A friendly community sharing modern-day homesteading ideas for optimal health and wellbeing.”

Discover creative ways to be self-sufficient and gain inspiration to reconnect with natural ways of living to experience your best homestead lifestyle anywhere.

The group will focus on nourishing ourselves and our families, naturally.

Suggested topics include organic gardening, permaculture, holistic management, wholefood recipes, home herbalism, natural homemade products, low tox home alternatives. Homesteading and off-grid living no matter where you call home.

This safe space will also provide a welcome opportunity to share our trials and triumphs along the way! We are so excited to share this supportive space and inspire each other to live well today!

Please feel welcome to invite others you think may like to join.

Click here to join the Home Grown Health Living Online Community.