In ground worm farms or worm towers

Posted on November 18, 2016 by WormBiz

In ground worm farms – Utilising worms in your gardens. Worm towers have become really quite popular and are a great way of introducing your worms into the garden once your farm is established. What are worm towers you ask? With several products on the market such as tumbleweeds worm feast or birdies worm tower, there are many more DIY in ground worm farm designs available for free, mainly consisting of a cylindrical arrangement with an open bottom buried half way into your garden. This acts as the living arrangement for the worms and you feed the garden by feeding the worms inside the bucket. The reason why this actually works is there are many holes in the sides of cylinder or box allowing air flow up high, drainage down low and access into the garden soil for your worms. None the less they are still many benefits to this method of in ground worm farming and I highly recommend that this not be your main source of worm farming but may be complementary method of worm farming. Worms will leave the worm tower and end up in your garden and then perhaps end up back in your in ground worm farm. The benefits that reign supreme by this method are numerous so should be tackled by anyone wanting to maximise their effort. Let’s start with the limitations then head to the benefits. First if it is your only method of worm farming it is quite difficult to produce the amount of castings that is desired by the avid gardener which in retrospect avid gardeners can never have too many castings. Second even though your garden receives the beautiful rich leachate it is only accessible by the plants and soil directly around the worm tower. Thirdly the area in which you have to process food scraps is limited by how many you have spread throughout the garden, unless of course you have a large 60l garbage bin with holes in the side. Too many of these worm towers can start stacking up and taking valuable real-estate in your garden where plants could be producing. Some of the aftermarket worm farms look nicer and can be hidden more graciously amongst your plants then some of the DIY methods which are difficult to find lids and end up as a mini table in the middle of your garden bed. Now don’t get me wrong I love the idea of in ground worm farming and wouldn’t garden without them. But all too often people tell me about their wonderful in ground worm farm and that is all they do missing out on all the real benefits of home worm farming. Don’t make it a novelty let it be an extension to your amazing backyard garden system. So the benefits: the biggest one is that is the easiest form of worm farming ive come across. It is a cheap way to extend your worm farming capabilities. The garden directly receives your scraps and water which in turn becomes castings and worm wee. Creating an environmental habitat for other garden critters and native worms. Increase the population of your worms easy and effectively. All the benefits say that you should defiantly use in ground worm farms they are great way to maximise the work your worms do for you.