The Hungry Bin! A scrap munching, organic fertiliser producing machine!

Posted on October 15, 2018 by WormBiz in

What a fantastic piece of equipment that has made composting such an easy part of my day. I have had the bin now for roughly two years and have loved it. With minimal work I get to watch my food scraps turn into worm castings and wee which I then get to use on my garden. Talk about amazing cycles!

scraps before


scraps after












So, where did this relationship begin? I was provided with a bin by the Axisa’s and we filled it with compost mixture and some worms! It was a slow process to begin with as the worms need time to settle in and start to multiply. During this time they need to be fed much smaller amounts of food, but within about two or three months it took off! The worms were multiplying quickly and I couldn’t keep up with my food waste. This process has definitely made me eat more fruit and veg. After two years I think I have a pretty good relationship with my worms! I feed them and they provide me with nutrient dense worm casting and wee to feed my garden.

After about six months (give or take) the first lot of worm casting was ready to be removed. A very simple process, just undo the red clips on the side and the bottom of the bin comes out and you get a nice square of worm cast. I used this on my veggie garden to increase the nutrients in the soil.

The worm wee drips out from the bottom of the bin into the tray and is very easy to use! I add it to the bottom of my watering can and dilute with water and then water my garden, my rose bush and my pineapple in particular have taken off!

To keep my bin nice and healthy I follow the general rule of a layer of green followed by a layer of brown, so as you can see in the pictures I add torn up, wet newspaper or shredded paper to my bin about once a fortnight, and food scraps daily.

Worms eat nearly everything! So there is not much that I leave out of their diet, however I do avoid dairy, meat, bread, citrus and onions and garlic! Sometimes they get small amounts however I definitely try my hardest to keep these items out of my bin! Everything else goes in! Banana skins (if I don’t add them to my smoothie!), egg shells, apple peel, fruit and veg off cuts and skins! It’s great! I do make a point to put my fruit and veg off cuts in the bin on a daily basis, I find if the fruit/veg starts to rot it makes my bin smell a bit. As long as this doesn’t happen you would never be able to sniff out where my bin is located!! I am also cautious as to what worms to add to my bin to boost it as there are some products on the market that are not healthy. Whenever I have a question Anna and Pete at WormBiz are always happy to help out!

The worms!
Worm wee


Worm castings
shredded paper