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Due to the impact of bushfires here on the Mid North Coast and the harsh summer weather conditions The WormBiz team have made the difficult decision to suspend worm orders until the new year. Depending on location, bulk worm orders may still be filled by personal delivery.

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Packed full of value!


  •  2200 compost worms packaged in Cococoir and castings mix

  • worm super food

  • Worm bedding material

  • Hessian worm blanket

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Premium pack 2200 worms plus bedding – This pack will give you the best chance for a successful worm farm adventure,  offering the greatest value in establishing your worm farm FASTER.
We include a compost and coco coir mixture that is rich in microbes and retains water well for your worms to lay lots of cocoons.  This is the secret to any new worm farm, lots of cocoons means lots of baby worms growing up in your worm farm.  A standard worm farm can have from 1-3kgs of worms chowing down on organic matter. that equates to 4000-10,000 hungry mouths to feed.

This worm package is suited to any of the tiered tray farm systems such as: Worm Cafe, can O worms, Worm factory, the Vermihut, Hungry bin, CFT systems, compost piles and in ground worm farming.

2200 Compost worms – Species: Tigers(Eisenia fetida) , Reds (Eisenia Andrei) and  Blues (Perionyx Excavatus).


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Shipping information

We have found that the best way to ship worms around the country, is to get them in the post on Monday, So Australia post have the whole week to find you.  They are mostly pretty good and packages normally take 2-3 days but can occasionally take five if outside the urban areas.  We always look up the address to see where the worms are headed and what journey they are in for.

Note: If extreme weather is expected we will send a quick email to notify you of an alternative shipment date.

Unfortunately WormBiz cannot ship live worm products to Western Australia, Tasmania or the Northern territory, due to complications with quarantine, heat stress and long distance. We would however like to offer you access to the information provided by our website.   To avoid disappointment we have provided you with a link to purchase worms from within Western Australia and in the Northern Territory, please search locally.